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Do You Understand Personal Productivity? Tried dozens of systems and didn't get anywhere?

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Ever been stuck in a cycle of developing personal productivity systems, applying them, nothing really changes and then starting over gain? This post if for you. It’ll help you understand the main reason conventional personal productivity systems fail and guide you to what can work for you. Personal productivity has many names and related ideas: personal workflow, personal operating system,

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Your Values Ruin Personal Productivity Deciding your values is not the same as changing your values

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Basic Concepts

Personal productivity conventional wisdom states that your values should determine your goals. You don’t need a psychology degree to realize that your values end up having nothing to do with your goals or your actions. Is one of your values a fit and healthy life? If so, have you successfully tried to live by those values? Perhaps one of your

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